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A running job jar of ideas and notes on the construction of eoWare on the web. 
This page provides current and recently-completed items.  Pages for earlier items are found through the revision history of this page.




  2006-10-17 Describe the construction zone structure too.  Some of this can be by appeal to material at the anchor-site level.  We need to consider that.
  2006-10-17 Provide construction-zone covers for folders like cg-bin that are introduced as part of the add-on domain hosting on Apache.
  2006-10-17 Improve the construction.htm narrative to reflect construction structure, with the other information moved to a default.htm
  2006-10-17 Create an nfoWare-style placeholder for the site, with no particular content apart from the basic scaffolding.  We might have some fun with physical construction sites and site progress, managed off of a construction folio's document engineering.  The anology here is that there is a fence and a hole in the ground, but nothing else to see, while rain fills the puddles and there is no sign of activity, except perhaps for the watchman's shack.
  2006-10-17 Create a provisional introduction that explains what eoWare is, what the intention for the site is, and so on.
  2006-10-17 Create a full-up construction structure for the site.
  2004-10-11 Check the properties and page titles for all of the provisional pages
  2004-10-11 Make a default page that is more interesting.
  2004-10-11 Create an inventory for the minimal sections and clean them up.
  2004-10-11 Create an orcmid.htm page here to field the links that are here already.
  2004-10-11 Create enough construction material to allow the Include Pages to be restored.
done 2006-10-17 Make provisional tie-in of the images/ folder to the construction structure via its index.htm page.
done 2006-10-17 Review this construction folder for reasonable accuracy before creating the full-style replacements.
done 2006-10-17 Correct the front-porch to refer to construction structure.
2004-10-12 Change references to nfoWare on the home index.htm to refer to eoWare.
 done 2004-10-11 Share placeholders onto nfoCentrale.net so that domain name can be redirected.
 done 2004-10-11 Make crude placeholder to provide a target for the domain name, then come back and clean things up.
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